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About Dr Gail John

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Dr Gail John EdD; MA (Ed); BA (Ed), PgDipEd; GradDipSEN; PgCertSpL; NNEB; TEFL (Distinction); FRSPH.

Dr Gail John established iSchooldigital in 2015. Dr John is a trauma-informed educational researcher and a specialist teacher. She completed her six year doctorate ‘ACES TOO HIGH’ (Adverse Childhood Trauma) in 2019 and graduated from the Russell Group University of Sheffield (Times Educational 13th in UK and 59th World Ranking for social studies). Her speciality is removing learning barriers to potential through seeking solutions to close attainment gaps/reverse educational failure for learners (John, 1998; 2001; 2010; 2013; 2015; 2019). For over twenty years, she has developed a focused passion in closing gaps in attainment for students who struggle from primary to postgraduate levels. She has worked in Primary Education (as teacher (and SENCO) for nearly twenty years) where she designed and developed an accelerated learning system which closed learning gaps for all learners. Dr John was invited to speak about her outstanding educational results in the largest UK Educational Conference in January 2013. In 2014/2015, she designed another accelerated learning system to remove learning barriers for home-educated comprehensive school aged learners in Swansea, Carmarthen and Bridgend (South Wales). She successfully helped many educationally excluded and failed learners attain GCSEs against all the odds in a short period of time.

Dr John has also developed effective learning systems for post-graduate master’s degree students and undergraduates, many of whom have experienced exclusion at school, bullying by teachers, having undiagnosed learning needs or left school early before sitting their GCSEs. She is also a British Dyslexia Association Specialist Dyslexia Tutor approved for all ages from Primary up to Postgraduate level. Her qualifications include a Doctorate in Education, Master’s in Education, BA (Ed) Hons, Graduate Diploma in SEN, Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Postgraduate Certificate in SpLD and NNEB. She has also passed her Master’s in Laws Public Law exam and has attained the highest ranking of Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, is an Arts Award Facilitator (all levels and ages) and has achieved the highest level of distinction in her Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification. She is a professional member of the British Dyslexia Association and is an active advocate for neuro-divergent children and adults across multiple settings. Some of these settings include the homeless communities, substance misusers, those in criminal justice, psychiatric services, foster-care/care experienced, home-educated and many other traumatised individuals found in hard-to-reach communities. Dr John is the author of two books – ACES, Intergenerational Trauma and Educational Inclusion and Trauma-Informed Education: Systems, Strategies and Solutions. 


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“It is only when the truth about trauma and its far-reaching effects are fully  recognised, that learning barriers can be effectively removed and survivors can begin their recovery into post-traumatic growth. This is the work of preventative and restorative justice through trauma informed education.” Dr Gail John (2019)

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Distance learning, online courses, dyslexia specialist teachers, trauma informed learning to aid post-traumatic growth, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), graduate and post-graduate tutoring/essay writing services and arts award.

We specialise in accelerated learning specifically related to dyslexia, ADHD, neurodivergent children and adults, teaching English as a second language, ACEs and trauma and effective affordable home-education from primary to postgraduate levels.